Tips to Reduce Stress Before Your Photo Shoot

Hey Fam, so you’ve read my post, “Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Photographer”, and you’ve taken my advice, conducted your interviews and hired a photographer for your event. If you missed it, you can check it out here.


Now, let me share with you some tips on how to reduce stress before your photo shoot


Make sure everyone is rested and has eaten.  Being sleepy or hungry can have adverse effects on the moods of both kids and adults.  Avoid restlessness by getting enough sleep before the shoot, eating a snack before you go, or bringing a snack along with you.


Schedule plenty of time to get ready.  Nothing sets off stress like being late.  Start getting ready early and factor in time for dealing with the kids. If you show up to your shoot rushed and frazzled, the mood will most definitely show in your portraits.


Get rid of the typical photo ideals.  We’ve been trained since childhood that when a camera comes out, we should all look and say “cheese!”  Sometimes these types of photos are desirable, but not every photo needs to be staged.  In fact, striving for natural and candid shots yields some of the most beloved photos because they capture genuine moments shared with your family.  Let your kids play and be themselves; you want their personalities to show through the pictures.


Let the photographer do the heavy lifting.  It will be exhausting for you to be trying to order your family into a certain pose, or fussing over your child’s clothes or hair.  Instead, let the photographer be your guide.  They can ensure you’re all posed attractively and that hair isn’t sticking out and clothes aren’t wrinkled.


Enjoy the time with your family.  These aren’t just photos.  This is an outing with your family, your favorite people in the world.  It’s a time to enjoy and cherish.  This should be fun.  The family that truly has a good time during their photo shoot is the family with the stunning photos that everyone will talk about, and the family that has beautiful artistic keepsakes that last a lifetime.


Following these tips will help you and your family relax. The results will show in your photos. Enjoy!


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